- General Rules -

1. Softcore sites only. If your site is mostly hardcore I am not interested.
2. If your site contains underage NN content, or links to such sites, I am not interested.
3. No stolen content.
4. No excessive consoles.
5. No celeb sites.
6. English sites only.

- Frequently Asked Questions -

1. How much traffic does weekly bikini get?

Weekly Bikini gets between 20,000 and 30,000 UNIQUE visitors depending on the day.

2. When is the site updated?

Sunday. I have stuck to updating it on sunday for the past year or so, and that seems to be a good day. Then I mail out the newsletter Sunday night to 40,000 subscribers. So Monday is usually the highest traffic day of the week.

4. Any advice on how to best utilize weekly bikini ?

Yes, its pretty simple. You're going to get good traffic from me, so put a link back in a good position. I will see that, and keep your site near the top.

If your not willing to send me any traffic, what incentive do I have to give you a good link ?

- Linking Methods -

Link to:

Weekly Bikini
Hot Bikini Babes
Girls in Thongs
or make your own text link

For the first week, your site will have "NEW" next to its listing.

The 10 general and 5 daily sites that send the most traffic for the week will have "TOP SITE" next to their listing.

(If you don't make the top referers but are sending decent traffic, your site will stay near the top.)

Submit a site for *possible* inclusion to Weekly Bikini at webmaster@weeklybikini.com


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