- General Rules -

1. Softcore models ONLY.
2. No sites with excessive consoles.
3. MUST be 18 years or older.
4. No underage models or sites that link to underage models.
5. MUST give at least a text link. If the link is buried on a banner farm page, do not expect a good link from me.
6. One link per model, the official site.

- General Info -

Weekly Bikini gets between 20,000 and 30,000 UNIQUE visitors every day.

The site is updated Sunday night.

On Sunday night I also send out the e-mail newsletter to aprox. 40,000 subscribed members. Therefore, Monday is usually the biggest traffic day.

- Linking -

I am looking to build strong long-term link trades !

Link back in a good location and I will keep you near the top and continue to send big traffic to your site.

Every model on my site gets more traffic from me, than I get from them.  It is a win-win situation for the models that get listed near the top. There is nothing to lose.

If all I get is a link buried on some banner farm page or a link not as good as links to competitors, that dosen't do me much good and your site will fall down the list after the first week.

WeeklyBikini gives the most sustained traffic to bikini models than any site out there. At WeeklyBikini you are ALWAYS on the front page of a high traffic site !

Link to:

Weekly Bikini
Hot Bikini Babes
Girls in Thongs
or make your own text link

For the first week, your site will have "NEW" next to its listing.

The 10 models that send the most traffic will have "TOP MODEL" next to their listing.

Please Note:
If you don't make "top model" but are sending decent traffic, your site will stay near the top.

Submit a site for *possible* inclusion to Weekly Bikini at webmaster@weeklybikini.com


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